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Plactron.Your Music.And More.

Our platform is a superb stage – for music that is made with passion, and listened to just as passionately.

Our mission is to change the music market with a revolutionary product. We want to bring back true musical enjoyment, using digital technologies to create an innovative multimedia experience that’ll be instantly familiar – and more intense than ever before. For people who want to take the sound of their favorite music with them wherever they go. For artists who create entire artworks and not just individual tracks. And for stars and fans who enjoy a really close relationship.

Hear, see, and feel your music – on plactron!

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  • Immerse yourself in the album

    Immerse yourself in the album

    and experience whole new possibilities!

  • Discover the Story Booklet

    Discover the Story Booklet

    and enjoy exclusive bonus material!

  • Be closer than ever to your stars

    Be closer than ever to your stars

    and discover exciting stories about them!

  • Release a new album

    Release a new album

    more easily than ever before!

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Discover your plactron world!

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