The music video through the ages

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Music videos

Without a doubt, the music video revolutionized the whole music industry. The sales of singles have skyrocketed since the invention of video clips and now YouTube helps the music video to beat everything. There are interesting facts about the development and growth of music videos that we would like to present shortly in this post.

The music video through the ages – how everything started

If you believed that video clips are an invention of the 21st century, you are wrong. The first beginnings of illustrated songs were in the 19th century. At that time pictures were printed on glass and projected onto screens afterwards. At the same time, musicians were on stage, this pictorial representation was call “sound slides” and was extremely popular in the year 1890. The next step towards the music video was taken at the world exhibition in Paris. 10 years after the first success, the experiment of combining movie, sound and theater didn’t work well. The synchronization was so bad that the audience ran away. Only in 1926 the first chronophone and its successor the vitaphone, created the desired effects of the synchronization between image and sound.

The first music video in the Panoram

It doesn’t come as a suprise that the development of music videos took place in the U.S.. In the 40’s, it was not only important for the movie industry to offer good entertainment. At the same time the “soundies” were founded. These are short films with background music. They were played in bars and restaurants to entertain the guests and they never failed to effect. Because the guests were enthusiastic, as long as they paid for it. Because at first you had to insert coins into the Panorams, this is how the visual jukebox was called, before it would get started. This device equally applies as the precursor of the jukebox as we know it today.
In the 50’s Scoptines were made in France, Scoptines are those devices that were similar to the jukebox and more technically more developed than the earlier Panoram. The development of a box which can play movies and music was unstoppable but had to overcome the extremely successful years of radio and cassettes. A major change because from now on music was available in every home. A radio was something almost everyone could afford.

It was Nico who first made a musical movie to her song “I’m not sayin” which you can call a video clip. In the 60’s, still black and white, Sonny & Cher, Bob Dylan and, of course, The Beatles followed. 1969 the musical short movie was modern art and the first media artists like Francois De Menil established themselves. Amongst all those videos in 1975 the video to “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Queen was the first to call music video.

The music video through the ages

With high cutting frequencies, new technology and promotion of the video, the clip was used as a marketing tool for the first time. Alongside the invention of the radio another milestone of the music industry arose. Because from now on single releases and records could be promoted directly through the video clip. Two artists stand in the foreground: Cher and Michael Jackson. Cher produced a modern video with her video to “Wheels on Heels” and created the typical MTV style. Michael Jacksons’s “Thriller” from 1982 is still on the list of the longest videos ever produced and was made with expensive special effects. Michael Jackson, together with his sister Janet, also takes up the cause of the most expensive music video in all times. With total production costs of seven million dollars, it’s hard to catch up with “Scream”.

With the success of the music video all sales records of the music industry were broken. Every record sells better with a current music video. How close success and videos are related, shows pop icon Madonna. On the list of the most expensive music videos she comes right after Michael Jackson on number two, three and four. Well known, Madonna is one of the most successful artists in the world. A part of her success comes due to her video clips. Arrived in the age of Youtube, the video to “Despacito” from Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee is with over 5.7 billion clicks so far, the most susseccful music video of all times.