The music industry over the time – and why we miss the good old days

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Unthinkable that only 35 years ago cassetts and vinyl records were competing in a tight contest on the music market. But soon they were displaced by compact disks, short CD, which were soon irreplaceable for music fans. Now you only need to put the album of your favorite band into your CD player and get cozy on the couch with the booklet in your hands.
You can let your mind wonder immediately and relax after a long working day, tiring homework or exhausting sports competitions. Nowadays streaming services keep a tight hold on the music industry. With their appearance the love for music got lost for many people, because streaming platforms can’t replace the feeling and enjoyment of an album.

The development of the music industry

Its story starts in 1887. At this time the German-American scientist Emil Berliner gets a patent for his idea. Probably he would have never dreamed of lying the foundation for spreading one of the most beautiful art forms in the world: the music. But it took more than 60 years until the first commercial vinyl record was finally produced. This vinyl disc was way stronger than Berliner’s first sample and therefore a huge step in the history of the music industry. In 1964 the compact cassette was patented and the matching tape recorder was developed. This again was a fundamental change for the recording industry. People loved the portability of cassetts and they also enjoyed that they had the possibility to record music that they liked from radio and TV.
Finally, in 1983, the first CDs were launched and a new era for the music industry began. Those compact discs had the big advantage that they didn’t produce interfering noise. In addition, the classical booklets offered the possibility to find out more about the artist or band while you were listing to the music and thanks to the printed lyrics you could also sing along loudly. Soon after that MP3 players and finally streaming services appeared which took the portability of music to a whole new level.

The disadvantages of digitization in the music industry

But this revolutionary digitization came with a lot of disadvantages. It is undeniable: the initial character and the value of music got lost over the last view years. Instead of going to your music store of trust and buy the new album of your favorite band and listen to it on repeat, you can just stream almost every song anywhere, anytime. But this let’s you easily forget how much time, love and effort the band has invested in every single song. After work you browse through a random playlist on your smartphone and now your surrounded continuously by different songs. And if you don’t like the song you’re hearing? No problem, just skip it. Not minding if this song gets better after a while and might become one of your favorites. One click and a new song is playing. Some people call this the “skip generation”. Furthermore, artists receive only an unimaginably small proportion of the revenue from streaming services, so that their achievements are by far not honored enough.
So you have to admit that the original and incomparable music feeling from before is missing.

But do you have to live without this original charm of an album?

No, you don’t. Our new music platform Plactron brings you back this music experience. With Plactron artist have the opportunity to create their interactive Story Booklet as an addition to their album. These Story Booklets can contain interesting facts about the band, lyrics, making-of stories, pictures and much more – this brings back the primary music feeling! And we at Plactron reward artists fairer than streaming platforms – so both sides profit at last.