Liffey Looms – Enchanting air folk to take off

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Now at Plactron: The German duo Liffey Looms plays on their Acoustic EP Folk with Americana influences! Light, harmonic, yet profound music to be thoughtful or relaxed.

Melancholic lightness

Eena May and Léon Rudolf are now selling their music also at Plactron.
They bring wonderful harmonies into your ears. The lead vocals of Léon complement each other with the soft background voice of bassist Eena to a light, carefree and at the same time deep contemplative music.

Air-Folk is the name of this catchy style that sticks and is simply beautiful to listen to. About the voice of Eena the Augsburger Allgemeine once wrote in a music review: “In the melting pot of her voice no sound comes too short.
Melting is the suitable expression for this music to melt away. The powerful and at the same time sensitive harmonies of guitar and bass are the framework for the two-part singing of the Air-Folk Duo. On the one hand it sounds passionate and conveys a certain lightness in life. On the other hand there is always a bit of melancholy and thoughtfulness to be felt, which is also what life is all about.

Legendary footprints

It is this contradiction that we meet again and again in life. It combines carefree lightness and melancholic thoughtfulness. This is for example reminiscent of a classic of the cheerful-melancholic song almost half a century ago: “Bye bye Love” by Simon & Garfunkel, in the original more than a decade before by the Everly Brothers. Here the singers say goodbye with almost cheerful singing to their temporary happiness of a relationship and greet the new loneliness. Happiness and pain often lie side by side, that’s life.

And similarly ambiguous is also the background of the music direction Folk. On
one hand more based on the rather thoughtful singer-songwriter of the brand Bob Dylan, on the other hand also with more rocky elements like in British Folk Rock from the middle of the 60s of the last century. Whereby one Dylan served both sides. Different than for example another folk legend: Leonard Cohen always stayed with his melancholically colored poetic songs, which were rewarded with numerous prizes.

You probably don’t know comparable bands like The Swell Seasons or The Averett Brothers that are only known to insiders. But you might know the classic Donovan. The British singer-songwriter was known for many hits such as “Catch in the Wind” in 1965. If you like that, you’ll love Eena and Léon!

Capturing the moment

Maybe if you see Leon, he’ll look familiar to you. Or you recognize his voice. He started as a street musician with cap, guitar and harmonica and sang his way through to the TV show “The Voice of Germany”. Together with Eena, he has been playing modern folk songs in clubs and private living rooms for years.
The two invite to a sound for lingering in the spirit of Goethe: “I will say to the moment, linger nevertheless, you are so beautiful”.