It doesn’t work without a booklet

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Who doesn’t know this feeling when you just bought the great new album of your favorite band and while you are listing to the music, you browse through the included booklet and read along the lyrics and study the photos and pictures with passion and interest. But in times of streaming services and downloads the booklet has become obsolete. Yet, we don’t want to miss this addition to our favorite music.

Naked music

The world of music has, without a doubt, changed for fans and music lovers since the launch of streaming. Now, with streaming services, music listeners get easy access to an endless amount of music to listen to and this, in comparison to buying CDs and downloads, for a unbeatable small price or even for free if you are willing accept the commercial breaks.
But, as it is common for distributive technologies, deeply loved and valued habits are neglected.
But the entirely “naked” music is often not all of which music lovers and real fans want from their favorite artist.
They want background information, news, stories, lyrics, videos, pictures and much more from their artist. Most of it is already included in the well-known CD booklet.
The music experience is only rounded and complete with looking at texts, lyrics and pictures – such as legendary art work.
Who looks at old booklets from Pink Floyd knows, how much effort and maybe even the one or another chemical substance was put into creating the booklet.

Today, due to streaming services and its “interchangeable” character, booklets are less important. When you browse through forums of big streaming platforms, you’ll see quickly how much fans want the booklet to be back but not only as an enclosed pdf.

Digital Story Booklet

Now we are happy to follow the request of many music fans. We want to bring back the spirit of the booklet and transfer it into the digital world. We let the concept of a music album revive. Because we at Plactron are all music lovers and combine all the good parts of the digital and analogous music consumption. Because of that we developed the unique, interactive Story Booklet.
You as a fan can now swipe through the booklet, discover stories, get unpublished information, watch videos, sing along to your favorite song and all of it with the feeling as you would have had a traditional booklet in your hands. There is no place where you can be closer to your star. Besides that we offer a software solution for creating albums and booklets. Artists, bands, graphic artist or record labels can fill the booklet pages with lyrics, videos, background stories or upload even more content into their album and release it afterwards – more easily than ever before.
Our mission is to go away from this so called “naked” music and create an extensive music experience for real music fans. It’s supposed to create that wonderful feeling that always came up when you browsed through a booklet, after you bought a CD. You got information about your piece of art and got lost in the booklet while you were listening to your favorite music.

Bringing back musical enjoyment

With Plactron we want to put “the value of music” in perspective again and offer artists and fans additional benefits equally.
In this way we bring back musical enjoyment with our Story Booklet and save this familiar feeling for people who enjoy music when they reminisce in photos, pictures texts and much more of their favorite artists.

With us you get more than just “naked” music. You’ll get a high-quality piece of art.