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    plactronfor artists

    Your album. The way you want it.

    You have a vision for your music. Your album is a creative concept – and not just a collection of individual tracks to be selected at random. That’s why our platform is perfect for you! With plactron, you present your music to the world as a total work of art, and you set yourself apart from the competition – with the infinite possibilities of digital technologies. This is your chance for a unique album release – register for the app right now!

    Music. Hear it, see it, feel it – with plactron.

    Your Platform. Your Music.

    • Release your new album

      Release your new album

      in a unique form.

    • Gain artistic appreciation

      Gain artistic appreciation

      for all your ideas.

    • Get fair payment

      Get fair payment

      in an uncomplicated way.

    • Tell your story directly

      Tell your story directly

      in the interactive Booklet.

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    Here’s what
    you get from plactron.

    Smartphone Drawing

    Your fans buy your new album from us – an album more versatile and diverse than ever before, with music, videos, lyrics and the unique Story Booklet.

    This turns your followers into real fans: have them sing along to your lyrics, give them a backstage experience with behind the scenes footage from the studio or from your tour, and inspire them to join in. It all adds up to an especially intense music experience! And the limits? You set them yourself.

    Here’s how to release (your album) with us

    Use our special generator to create a magnificent and innovative album for your music.

    Just open your browser, launch our user-friendly interface, and load everything you want into your album – no matter whether it’s image, sound, video or text.

    Releasing – has never been simpler!

    Smartphone Drawing
    • Album created by just a few clicks
    • Easy operation via drag & drop
    • Innovative digital technologies
    • Suitable for famous stars as well as artists who are (still) unknown

    Payment? That’s a part of it too.

    As an artist, you earn yourself applause. At plactron you also earn money.

    That’s why plactron offers you a revenue model in which your artistic commitment is also financially appreciated – by your fans and by the market.